About service

SIA "Viduļi serviss" is located in Bauska district, Iecava – in Viduļi. The service was founded in 2007 and it is able to perform any kind of bodywork, transmission repair, as well as every kind of painting services.
The service is equipped with the newest technologies and one of the most modern painting cameras. All work is performed using the newest technologies. The service also provides electronic register of all work performed, which means that our clients can log into our webpage from any computer and see all the service work that has ever been done on their car in our service. This option can be found under - Klientiem.
We do not stop at what we have already accomplished, but we go further. You can find information in our webpage and you can purchase new Fuji and Wheeler bicycles in our service, as well as spare parts and accessories.
Everyone is welcome in our service, and we offer discounts for our loyal customers.
See you soon in our service!
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