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APE Motors is a car spare parts, accessories and oil wholesaler. In spare parts field, company is specialized in supplying the necessary components and subsystems for automotive repair. The sales of spare parts are divided into car and truck segments.

The company - Baltic Auto Parts Ltd. - today is one of the leading wholesalers of passenger car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle spare parts and accessories. To meet customers different needs we offer highest quality parts at reasonable prices, as well as cheaper spare parts from alternative manufacturers.

DTS ltd - vehicle and engine spare parts wholesale enterprise. The objectives of DTS ltd are constant: quality, precision, service excellence, providing of warranty, meeting customers expectations, customer friendly marketing. Enterprise’s specialization is European, Japanese and Korean spare parts trade. We supply a wide assortment of original and highest quality aftermarket spare parts by order and from warehouse.

Company "AN riepas" represents in the Latvian market the world's popular car tyre manufacturers - brands FATE and FIRENZA. The company has done a tremendous job and has reached very high sales figures, thus ensuring rapid entry and recognition of FATE and FIRENZA in our market.

ASA BASEINI offers swimming pools, pool chemicals, equipment and sliding roofs, hot tubs.

SH COLORS is a part of the Latvian auto repair and painting market. SH COLORS offers products from different manufacturers and this allows each specialist to choose the necessary materials. With the materials offered by us you can paint the car in a high quality and on the first time!

LabaReklā works with advertising production "from A to Z" - making new, creative advertising solutions for any individual or business needs!

We support

Sports Club "FORTE IECAVA WPC" encourages involvement of people of all ages, especially young people, in powerlifting activities, development and improvement of these activities, organizing sporting events and related projects.

Andrejs Mūrnieks is an international master of sports, several Latvian record holder. European champion in 2010 (Hungary) and bronze medalist in 2010 World Championship (Finland) in bench press. Andrejs Mūrnieks is the third person in Latvia, who has pressed more than 300kg, he holds the absolute Latvian record in bench press without equipment - 262.5 kg.
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